Friday, March 13, 2009

Upper Merion MAWA District Tournament

Congratulations to the following Raider wrestlers that placed at last Saturday's MAWA District Tournament at Upper Merion:

Alex Sirico = 1st Place
Colin Cronin = 1st Place
Jake Pickett (Upper Darby) = 1st Place
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Ryan Meehan = 2nd Place
Tom Flynn (Bonner) = 2nd Place
Ryan Rigney (Upper Darby) = 2nd Place
Phil Kitain (Upper Darby) = 2nd Place
Nick Maiale (Bonner) = 3rd Place
Matt Carney = 3rd Place
Jake Petransky = 3rd Place
Nicholas Venuti = 3rd Place
Thomas Reif = 3rd Place
Jimmy Hopkins =3rd Place
Caleb Livingston = 4th Place
Charlie Livingston = 4th Place