Saturday, February 28, 2009

Congratulations to DH Raider/Bonner State Qualifier

The Drexel Hill Raiders want to congratulate Monsignor Bonner Junior and DH Raider alumni Nicky Bongard on his 4th Place finish at the PIAA Southeast Regional Tournament at Oxford HS.   Nicky has just made history, becoming the very FIRST wrestler from Monsignor Bonner HS to qualify for the PIAA state championships at Hershey.  Best wishes to Nicky next weekend up at states!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inter-County Novice Championship

Congratulations to all of our novice Raider wrestlers that participated in today's ICWL Novice Championships. All novice wrestlers did a fantastic job this year and We are proud of each and every one of you!

Jimmy Hopkins = 1st Place (top left)
Kevin Kerwood = 1st Place (top right)
Chris Bartorillo = 2nd Place
Lorenzo Ruiz = 3rd Place
Nick Marabigo = 3rd Place
Vaughn Bilodeau = 4th Place
Isaiah Bilodeau = 4th Place
Cassius Cardillo
Joey Hopkins
Cameron Gallagher
Nicholas Boninfante
Ben McKay
Matt Quigley
Pat Kerwood
Malik Lavalais

Congratulations to our Raider Alumni

Congratulations to the below Drexel Hill Raider Alumni that placed at the PIAA District 12 Tournament this past weekend:

Nick Bongard = Monsignor Bonner (1st Place)
Nick Maiale = Monsignor Bonner (3rd Place)
Joe Spaeder = Monsignor Bonner (4th Place)

Best of luck at the PIAA Southeast Regional Tournament at Oxford HS on Saturday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Upper Moreland Results

Congratulations to all of our Raider wrestlers that participated in the Upper Moreland Tournament this past weekend. Below are the Raiders that placed.

Kevin Kerwood - 1st Place (pictured above with the big smile!)
Bob Blewett - 2nd Place
Jimmy Hopkins - 2nd Place
Nick Bonifanti - 2nd Place (top picture)
Chris Bartorillo - 3rd Place
Vaughn Bilodeau - 4th Place

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations to our Raider Wrestlers!!

Springfield Open Tournament
Congratulations to the below Raider Wrestlers that placed in the Springfield Open this Sunday;

Matt Carney = 2nd Place
(1st Place PJW)
Caleb Livingston = 1st Place
Charlie Livingston = 1st Place
Ramon O'Brien = 1st Place (1st year wrestler/1st tournament ever)
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Brendon Butler = 2nd Place
Justin Rimel = 2nd Place
Mike Wolf = 2nd Place
Thomas Reif = 2nd Place
Jake Petransky = 3rd Place
Lorenzo Ruiz = 3rd Place
Alexander Sirico = 3rd Place
Jack Mason = 3rd Place
Ben McKay = 3rd Place

National Challenge Duals, Wildwood NJ

Congratulations to our own Colin Cronin for his fine efforts down in Wildwood at the SJWA National Challenge Middle School Duals. Colin went 8-2, with 6 pins and 2 major decisions. And by the way, he's only in 4th grade!!! Great job Colin!

Haverford Novice Tournament

Our Drexel Hill Raider Novice wrestlers took home the first place team trophy, again, Sunday at the Haverford Novice Tourney. I will post the names of our place winners in the near future.

Greater Norristown Open
Congratulations to the following Raider Wrestlers that placed at the Greater Norristown Open Tournament, one of this area's toughest tournaments. Click here for the full results.

Collin Cronin 1st Place
Jack Mason 3rd Place
Charlie Livingston 3rd Place
Matt Carney 4th Place

Waterway Dual @ Oxford
Three Raider wrestlers participated in the Waterway Duals in Oxford for Springfield A.A. Joe Scarrinno from Springfield A.A. stated that all three wrestled very tough in a very hard, talent-filled tournament, and they helped Springfield take second place out of this eight-team tournament.

Anthony Logurito 4-0
Shane Benedict 2-2
Johnny Haley 2-2


Congratulations to our Raider Alumni

Congratulations to all our Raider Wrestling Alumni that placed in the PIAA Sectionals this past weekend.

PIAA District 1 @ Haverford HS
Mike Wallace - Upper Darby HS = 1st Place
Joe Carney - Upper Darby HS = 1st Place
Phil Kitain - Upper Darby HS = 2nd Place
Ryan Rigney - Upper Darby HS = 3rd Place

PIAA District 12 @ LaSalle
Nicky Bongard - Monsignor Bonner = 1st Place
Joe Spaeder - Monsignor Bonner = 3rd Place
Tommy Flynn - Monsignor Bonner = 4th Place
Nick Maiale - Monsignor Bonner = 4th Place

Best of luck to all for the remainder of the PIAA tournament!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Keeping your child healthy

Parents, remember that personal hygiene for athletes is essential to preventing infection, so please make sure you stay vigilant when it comes to your child's health during the wrestling season. Make sure that your child showers right after wrestling practice or meets using soap and water and check their skin on a regular basis for anything out of the ordinary. More information on preventing skin infections in athletes can be found at this Pennsylvania Department of Health link.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NFL Players who Wrestled

Check out this link that lists National Football League players with wrestling backgrounds. Click Here.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Media Wrangletown Classic

Congratulations to the Drexel Hill Raiders Wrestling Club, Team Champions of the 2009 Media Youth Wrestling Wrangletown Classic!! Look for our team's individual results here in the very near future. GO RAIDERS!