Sunday, May 3, 2009


Please see below note from Karolyn Souders.....................

Hey Everyone,
Wow! What a Great Day!!! We are finally on our way home with 3 place winners!!
Colin Cronin took 1st place at Eastern Nationals!
Richie Souders took 3rd place!
Nate Rimel took 6th place!
I just want to Thank the coaches for all their time that they have given this season! You guys are like no other coaches I know, and as we saw this weekend, other teams are always envious of how much you each support your wrestlers! I hope everyone makes if home safe from Maryland. Thank God this is it until November!!! LOL

Saturday, May 2, 2009

MAWA Eastern National Championships

We just wanted to update everyone on our Raiders progress at the MAWA Eastern National Championships down in Maryland.  Colin Cronin (2-0), Richie Souders (2-1) and Nate Rimel (2-1) won at least 2 bouts and will advance to Sunday's matches, while Justin Rimel lost two tough matches and was eliminated today.  Congratulations to everyone and we'll try to keep you updated on their progress tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Please see Karolyn's message below.

Hey Everyone,
Practice will be at Bonner Thursday night. Just a reminder that I will be at Bonner's Wrestling room tomorrow collecting singlets after 7:00 pm. If you have not returned your singlet you MUST bring tomorrow. If I don't receive the singlet you will LOSE your deposit money.

Monday, April 20, 2009

From Karolyn Souders

Please see the below note from Karolyn:

Hey Everyone,
I will be at UDHS tonight for practice after 7:00 collecting singlets. I will also be collecting them on Thursday night after 7:00. If you do not return your singlet by Thursday night, you will lose your singlet deposit money... I appreciate everyone who has made the effort to return their singlets on time. Thank YOU!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Practice: week of 4-13-09

Practices this week (4-13-09) will be held at Upper Darby HS on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:30pm to 8:00pm.  Any questions contact Bill Carney.  


Monday, April 6, 2009

MAWA Regionals

Congratulations to the below Raider wrestlers that placed at the MAWA Regionals this past weekend.  All four will now move onto the MAWA Eastern Nationals May 2nd and 3rd.

Colin Cronin = 1st Place
Nate Rimel = 2nd Place
Richie Souders = 3rd Place
Justin Rimel = 4th Place


Friday, April 3, 2009

MAWA Regionals

Good luck to the following Raider wrestlers that will be competing in the MAWA regionals up in Bethlehem, Pa., this weekend.  We'll try to keep you posted during the weekend.

Colin Cronin
Richie Souders
Mike Wolf
Justing Rimel
Nate Rimel
Jimmy Hopkins
Matt Carney
Jake Petransky
Alex Sirico
Nick Venuti
Kevin Kerwood
Anthony Loguirato
Ryan Meehan

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Luck!!

Best of luck to Drexel Hill Raider Colin Cronin at this weekend's PJW State Championship Tournament up in Erie, Pa. Colin has a bye in the first round and will wrestle the winner of the Daniel Contraguerro (Franklin Regional) and Faris Messai (Jamestown) match. Also, best of luck to the rest of our ICWL wrestlers at Eric. Check back, we'll keep you posted on Colin's progress.

Colin won his first preliminary 9-3 against Faris Messai (Jamestown.)  Next up for Colin is Noah Wright (Mars) in the quarterfinals.

Colin won his quarter-final against Noah Wright (Mars) 10-0.  Next up in the semi-finals he will meet Tanauz Gregory from Erie.  

Coling pinned his way through to the finals with a Semi-Final pin against Tanauz Gregory from Erie.  Next up is Spencer Lee, the area 6 champ from Saegertown.

CONTRATULATIONS!!  Colin Cromin is the new Pennsylvania Junior Wrestling 10 & under 70 pound State Champ!  Colin pinned Spencer Lee from Saegertown in the third period.  Congratulations to Colin and all the Raider parents and coaches that made this possible.  


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Drexel Hill Raiders 2009 Tournament Results

Bantam 40 1 Richard Hrouda Abington Bulldogs
Bantam 40 2 Alex Tilley Kennett
Bantam 40 3 Richard Quinlan Interboro

Bantam 44 1 Jaden Hinton Glassboro Bulldogs
Bantam 44 2 Dayton DeLviscio Media
Bantam 44 3 Nicholas Marabito Drexel Hill Raiders
Bantam 44 4 Spencer Barnhart Avon Grove

Bantam 48 1 Tal-Reese Flemming Weaver Elite
Bantam 48 2 Goergio Mazzeo Glassboro
Bantam 48 3 Jax Maroney Wrecking Crew
Bantam 48 4 Sean Guinan Media

Bantam 52 1 Lucas Christman Palmerton
Bantam 52 2 Ian Duffy Media
Bantam 52 3 Sean Arnold OTT-Newtown (CT)
Bantam 52 4 Kevin Kerwood DH Raiders

Bantam 56 1 Brian Gunn Media
Bantam 56 2 Ryan Bolletino Wrecking Crew
Bantam 56 3 Dominick Burke 21st Ward Gladiators
Bantam 56 4 Bobby Whartnaby Team Chaos

Bantam 60 1 Jackson Erb SEPA
Bantam 60 2 Preston Zachman Central Columbia
Bantam 60 3 Jacob Miller Boyertown
Bantam 60 4 Danny Nearey Team Chaos

Bantam 65 1 Ethan Craft Wrecking Crew
Bantam 65 2 Riley Davis Kennett Community
Bantam 65 3 Ryan Meehan DH Raiders
Bantam 65 4 Blaise Zucaro Abington Bulldogs

Bantam 73 1 Nicholas Florschutz Kennett
Bantam 73 2 Mark Picuriello Upper Merion
Bantam 73 3 Jack Files Springford

Midget 50 1 Blair Orr Media
Midget 50 2 Evan Neelan Media
Midget 50 3 Richard Markulics Nazareth Midgets
Midget 50 4 Cj Heaps Benton Area

Midget 54 1 Brandon Bach Souderton
Midget 54 2 Michah Simmers Wissahickon
Midget 54 3 Patrick Cooper Haverford

Midget 58 1 PJ Crane Central Bucks
Midget 58 2 Benjamin Radner Council Rock WC
Midget 58 3 Chase McCollum East Norriton
Midget 58 4 Johnny Hally Drexel Hill Raiders

Midget 62 1 Jacob Reid Coatesville
Midget 62 2 Salvatore Pizzuto Brandywine
Midget 62 3 Gregg Wert Lewistown
Midget 62 4 Jake Taylor Unionville

Midget 66 1 Mike Labriola Wilson
Midget 66 2 Alexander Sirico Drexel Hill Raiders
Midget 66 3 Nick Puliti Brandywine YC
Midget 66 4 Shamaur Hall Coatesville

Midget 70 1 Josh Stillings Weaver Elite
Midget 70 2 Max Livingston Drexel Hill Raiders
Midget 70 3 Danny Guinan Media
Midget 70 4 Chase Burton Avon Grove

Midget 75 1 Mekhi Lewis Franklin Township WC
Midget 75 2 Edward Lovely OTT-Newtown (CT)
Midget 75 3 Chase Stephens Coatesville
Midget 75 4 Noah Harvey Team Chaos

Midget 85 1 Sam DePhillipo Malvern Prep
Midget 85 2 Richie Souders Drexel Hill Raiders
Midget 85 3 Chris Kober Haverford
Midget 85 4 George Walton Franklin Township WC

Midget 93 1 Brady Repasky Delone (Gettysburg)
Midget 93 2 Cade Heverly Ridley
Midget 93 3 Terrance Higgins Red Hawk
Midget 93 4 Rich Maggio East Norriton

Midget 105 1 Jack Mason Drexel Hill Raiders
Midget 105 2 Cesar Nieto Kennett
Midget 105 3 Colin Funkhouser Montour

Midget Unl 1 Brett Peiffer West Deptford
Midget Unl 2 Anthony Reginelli Springfield

Junior 58 1 Anthony Foggia Elite Wrestling
Junior 58 2 Branon Rogers Team Phoenix
Junior 58 3 Chris Augustine Team Chaos

Junior 62 1 Brandon Cray Elite Wrestling
Junior 62 2 Austin DeSanto Exeter
Junior 62 3 Kordell Rush Ram Wrestling Club
Junior 62 4 Dylan James Elite Wrestling

Junior 66 1 Brett Kulp Exeter
Junior 66 2 Vincent Foggia Elite Wrestling
Junior 66 3 Joe Augustine Team Chaos
Junior 66 4 Mike Cowan Ridley

Junior 70 1 Chad Haegele Central Bucks
Junior 70 2 Colin Cronin Drexel Hill Raiders
Junior 70 3 Eric Miller Upper Perkiomen
Junior 70 4 Shane Griffith Elite Wrestling

Junior 74 1 Zack Hertling Terminators
Junior 74 2 Dylan Chatterton Renegade Force
Junior 74 3 Chris Sciarrino Springfield
Junior 74 4 Nick Ackley Tyrant

Junior 78 1 Evan Wilson Central Bucks
Junior 78 2 Derek Ciavarro Scorpions
Junior 78 3 Tyler Westerfer MWC
Junior 78 4 Quasir Hayes Gladiators

Junior 82 1 Brian Wise Pottstown
Junior 82 2 Tyler Marsh Palisades
Junior 82 3 Michael Wasch Interboro
Junior 82 4 Ryan Eberle Kennett

Junior 86 1 Jacob Wasser Palisades
Junior 86 2 Richie Liberio North Penn
Junior 86 3 Zack Christman Palmerton
Junior 86 4 Richard Metricarti Upper Merion

Junior 91 1 Rashon Lusane Norristown PAL
Junior 91 2 Sam Bolig Malvern Prep
Junior 91 3 Anthony Cutrufello Springfield
Junior 91 4 Matt Cascioli Central Bucks

Junior 98 1 Matt Young Media
Junior 98 2 Ben Stern SEPA
Junior 98 3 Zachary Newlon Nether Providence AA
Junior 98 4 Kevin Deak Easton

Junior 105 1 Gregg Harvey Boyertown
Junior 105 2 Forest Speed OTT-Newtown (CT)
Junior 105 3 Mickey Kober Haverford
Junior 105 4 Jake Pruskowski Upper Merion

Junior 115 1 Evander Blue St. Elizabeth
Junior 115 2 Nicklous Giunta Coatesville
Junior 115 3 Cordell Cotto West Bethlehem
Junior 115 4 Matt Venit Ridley

Junior 130 1 Marquelle Bennett Middletown WC
Junior 130 2 Dylan Winoski Haverford
Junior 130 3 Edward Butler Pottstown

Junior Unl 1 Shaheed Hill Norristown PAL
Junior Unl 2 Christian Bermudez Coatesville

Intermedia 70 1 Kyle Rogers Team Phoenix
Intermedia 70 2 Blake Rogers Team Phoenix
Intermedia 70 3 Gunnar Michaels Media

Intermedia 80 1 Joshua Nichter West Chester
Intermedia 80 2 Patrick McGinley Abington Bulldogs
Intermedia 80 3 Andy Dobben Ohio Lightning
Intermedia 80 4 Ron Phillips Brandywine YC

Intermedia 85 1 Rich Cerebe Weaver Elite
Intermedia 85 2 Dennis Charamella Springfield
Intermedia 85 3 Kevin Ross OTT-Newtown (CT)
Intermedia 85 4 Ian Gunn Media

Intermedia 90 1 Micah Hight Malvern Prep
Intermedia 90 2 Johnny Dambro Brandywine YC
Intermedia 90 3 Andrew Ortlieb Drexel Hill Raiders
Intermedia 90 4 Brian Greist Coatesville

Intermedia 95 1 Connor OHara Sachem East (NY)
Intermedia 95 2 Richie Neelan Media
Intermedia 95 3 Anthony Giraldo Scorpions
Intermedia 95 4 Mike Ciavarro Scorpions

Intermedia 100 1 Joe Galasso Malvern Prep
Intermedia 100 2 Michael Fagg-Daves Franklin Township WC
Intermedia 100 3 Adam Dombrosky Spring Ford
Intermedia 100 4 Aaron Rodriguez Wissahickon

Intermedia 105 1 Zak Dobben Ohio Lightning
Intermedia 105 2 Kevin Flack SEPA
Intermedia 105 3 Joseph Johnson Piscataway
Intermedia 105 4 Matt Wilkinson Drexel Hill Raiders

Intermedia 110 1 Michael Pongracz Redhawk
Intermedia 110 2 Branon Allen Red Hawk
Intermedia 110 3 Rhys Weinberger Hillsborough
Intermedia 110 4 Michael Legg Crestwood

Intermedia 115 1 Avery Scripture Upper Perkiomen
Intermedia 115 2 Joseph DePhillipo Malvern Prep
Intermedia 115 3 Jacob Colello Renegade Force
Intermedia 115 4 Matt Cramer Ridley

Intermedia 120 1 Ralph Normandia Franklin Township WC
Intermedia 120 2 Austin Jacque Media
Intermedia 120 3 Ramon OBrien Drexel Hill Raiders

Intermedia 128 1 Conner Burns Methacton
Intermedia 128 2 Frankie Varallo Fighting Irish
Intermedia 128 3 Ryan Kaplan Franklin Township WC
Intermedia 128 4 Charles Livingston Drexel Hill Raiders

Intermedia 136 1 Jose Ortiz Redhawk
Intermedia 136 2 Derelh Matonti West Chester
Intermedia 136 3 Mike Kitain Drexel Hill

Intermedia 146 1 Steffen Vestal Bala Cynwyd MS
Intermedia 146 2 Jace Umlaf Northern Lehigh
Intermedia 146 3 Jake Christman Palmerton

Intermedia 160 1 Anthony Ferraro St. Lucy Day School
Intermedia 160 2 Jeremy Crowe Ridley
Intermedia 160 3 Steven Seifried Methacton

Advanced 85 1 Zack Fuentes East Norriton
Advanced 85 2 Deric Winston CJA New Jersey
Advanced 85 3 Eddie McCarthy Phoenixville
Advanced 85 4 Brett Smith Franklin Township WC

Advanced 93 1 Anthony DiEmidio SEPA
Advanced 93 2 Nick Haegele Central Bucks
Advanced 93 3 Nicholas Crudo OTT-Newtown (CT)
Advanced 93 4 Mark LaBracio Hillsborough

Advanced 105 1 Devon Lotito Red Hawk
Advanced 105 2 Joey Repansky Ohio Lightning
Advanced 105 3 Daniel Pommerer Malvern Prep
Advanced 105 4 Zane Bechtel Pottstown

Advanced 110 1 Joshua DiSanto Wrecking Crew
Advanced 110 2 Matt Dobben Ohio Lightning
Advanced 110 3 Vince Barbieri Springfield
Advanced 110 4 Jesse Snyder Palisades

Advanced 115 1 Russell Parsons Independent
Advanced 115 2 Andrew Dutton Blair Academy
Advanced 115 3 Philip Ingaglio Coatesville
Advanced 115 4 Mike Ward Downingtown MS

Advanced 120 1 Derek Rothermel Steel Mat
Advanced 120 2 Jason Dombrosky Spring Ford
Advanced 120 3 Matt Carney Drexel Hill Raiders
Advanced 120 4 Matt Brownback Coatesville

Advanced 125 1 Tyler Workman Hillsborough
Advanced 125 2 Kevin Sager Malvern Prep
Advanced 125 3 Codi Rothermel Steel Mat
Advanced 125 4 Ryan McGinley Independent

Advanced 130 1 Chris Yankowich Germantown Academy
Advanced 130 2 Cody Kaplan Lower Merion
Advanced 130 3 Matt HammerstoneCrestwood
Advanced 130 4 Jake Petransky Drexel Hill Raiders

Advanced 135 1 Wayne Armstrong Interboro
Advanced 135 2 Dominick Rigous SEPA
Advanced 135 3 Derrick Simms Wyoming Valley
Advanced 135 4 Sam Haley West Deptford

Advanced 140 1 Joshua Farra Coatesville
Advanced 140 2 John Inzaina Avon Grove
Advanced 140 3 Anthony Pistone Sachem East (NY)
Advanced 140 4 Tyler Sensenig Coatesville

Advanced 145 1 Gordon Bolig Malvern Prep
Advanced 145 2 Shane Peltonen Tohickon MS
Advanced 145 3 Paul Steinmetz SEPA
Advanced 145 4 Mitchell Bain Quakertown

Advanced 152 1 Jake Pickett Upper Darby
Advanced 152 2 George Simms Wyoming Valley
Advanced 152 3 Mason Wilson Bala Cynwyd MS
Advanced 152 4 Brady Arentz Delone

Advanced 171 1 Keith Corliss Germantown Academy
Advanced 171 2 Roger Legg Crestwood
Advanced 171 3 TJ McCoy Malvern Prep

Advanced 189 1 Zackary Nobre Sachem East (NY)
Advanced 189 2 Paul Alzamora Egg Harbor Twp.
Advanced 189 3 Joe Gorman Wissahickon

Advanced UNL 1 Madison OConnor N - A
Advanced UNL 2 Dylan Ventura Sachem East (NY)
Advanced UNL 3 Chris DiBello Haverford School

Friday, March 13, 2009

Upper Merion MAWA District Tournament

Congratulations to the following Raider wrestlers that placed at last Saturday's MAWA District Tournament at Upper Merion:

Alex Sirico = 1st Place
Colin Cronin = 1st Place
Jake Pickett (Upper Darby) = 1st Place
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Ryan Meehan = 2nd Place
Tom Flynn (Bonner) = 2nd Place
Ryan Rigney (Upper Darby) = 2nd Place
Phil Kitain (Upper Darby) = 2nd Place
Nick Maiale (Bonner) = 3rd Place
Matt Carney = 3rd Place
Jake Petransky = 3rd Place
Nicholas Venuti = 3rd Place
Thomas Reif = 3rd Place
Jimmy Hopkins =3rd Place
Caleb Livingston = 4th Place
Charlie Livingston = 4th Place

Monday, March 9, 2009

Drexel Hill Raiders Tournament

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped out this past weekend with our DH Raiders tournament.  It would be impossible to list everyone, but there is one Raider parent that does so much for our wrestling club that deserves special recognition and I challenge anyone to disagree with me.  Karolyn Souders, thank you for all your hard work and dedication this whole wrestling season.  Without your efforts our snack bar during the regular season and during the tournament would never have happened, which would have resulted in us depleting our funds to pay for the referees each week.  I personally never realized how hard you work at this until I got involved with this tournament.  You and your snack bar crew did a fantastic job yesterday!

A big Thank-You also goes out to all of our Raiders coaches, some who do not have sons wrestling but always give up their valuable time with practices during the week and tournaments on the weekend.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that without them our sons would never have grown as wrestlers.  I personally can say that it's because of these guys that my Thomas has improved as a wrestler each and every year. 

And lastly, congratulations to all 32 Drexel Hill Raider wrestlers that participated in our event.   Each and everyone of them worked hard and left it all on the mat at the end of each match yesterday.  A special congratulations goes out to the following DH Raiders that placed:

Jack Mason = 1st Place
Alex Sirico = 2nd Place
Max Livingston = 2nd Place
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Colin Cronin = 2nd Place
Nicholas Maribito = 3rd Place
Ryan Meehan = 3rd Place
Andrew Ortlieb = 3rd Place
Matt Carney = 3rd Place
Mike Kitain = 3rd Place
Kevin Kerwood = 4th Place
Johnny Hally = 4th Place
Matt Wilkerson = 4th Place
Ramon O'Brien = 4th Place
Jake Petransky = 4th Place

I will have a list of all the final results of the tournament in the near future, or you can just go to the Pa Youth Wrestling website ( and see the resultes today.  Best of luck to all Raider wrestlers that will be moving on and participating in the upcoming MAWA and PJW Championships!


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Congratulations to DH Raider/Bonner State Qualifier

The Drexel Hill Raiders want to congratulate Monsignor Bonner Junior and DH Raider alumni Nicky Bongard on his 4th Place finish at the PIAA Southeast Regional Tournament at Oxford HS.   Nicky has just made history, becoming the very FIRST wrestler from Monsignor Bonner HS to qualify for the PIAA state championships at Hershey.  Best wishes to Nicky next weekend up at states!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inter-County Novice Championship

Congratulations to all of our novice Raider wrestlers that participated in today's ICWL Novice Championships. All novice wrestlers did a fantastic job this year and We are proud of each and every one of you!

Jimmy Hopkins = 1st Place (top left)
Kevin Kerwood = 1st Place (top right)
Chris Bartorillo = 2nd Place
Lorenzo Ruiz = 3rd Place
Nick Marabigo = 3rd Place
Vaughn Bilodeau = 4th Place
Isaiah Bilodeau = 4th Place
Cassius Cardillo
Joey Hopkins
Cameron Gallagher
Nicholas Boninfante
Ben McKay
Matt Quigley
Pat Kerwood
Malik Lavalais

Congratulations to our Raider Alumni

Congratulations to the below Drexel Hill Raider Alumni that placed at the PIAA District 12 Tournament this past weekend:

Nick Bongard = Monsignor Bonner (1st Place)
Nick Maiale = Monsignor Bonner (3rd Place)
Joe Spaeder = Monsignor Bonner (4th Place)

Best of luck at the PIAA Southeast Regional Tournament at Oxford HS on Saturday!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Upper Moreland Results

Congratulations to all of our Raider wrestlers that participated in the Upper Moreland Tournament this past weekend. Below are the Raiders that placed.

Kevin Kerwood - 1st Place (pictured above with the big smile!)
Bob Blewett - 2nd Place
Jimmy Hopkins - 2nd Place
Nick Bonifanti - 2nd Place (top picture)
Chris Bartorillo - 3rd Place
Vaughn Bilodeau - 4th Place

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations to our Raider Wrestlers!!

Springfield Open Tournament
Congratulations to the below Raider Wrestlers that placed in the Springfield Open this Sunday;

Matt Carney = 2nd Place
(1st Place PJW)
Caleb Livingston = 1st Place
Charlie Livingston = 1st Place
Ramon O'Brien = 1st Place (1st year wrestler/1st tournament ever)
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Brendon Butler = 2nd Place
Justin Rimel = 2nd Place
Mike Wolf = 2nd Place
Thomas Reif = 2nd Place
Jake Petransky = 3rd Place
Lorenzo Ruiz = 3rd Place
Alexander Sirico = 3rd Place
Jack Mason = 3rd Place
Ben McKay = 3rd Place

National Challenge Duals, Wildwood NJ

Congratulations to our own Colin Cronin for his fine efforts down in Wildwood at the SJWA National Challenge Middle School Duals. Colin went 8-2, with 6 pins and 2 major decisions. And by the way, he's only in 4th grade!!! Great job Colin!

Haverford Novice Tournament

Our Drexel Hill Raider Novice wrestlers took home the first place team trophy, again, Sunday at the Haverford Novice Tourney. I will post the names of our place winners in the near future.

Greater Norristown Open
Congratulations to the following Raider Wrestlers that placed at the Greater Norristown Open Tournament, one of this area's toughest tournaments. Click here for the full results.

Collin Cronin 1st Place
Jack Mason 3rd Place
Charlie Livingston 3rd Place
Matt Carney 4th Place

Waterway Dual @ Oxford
Three Raider wrestlers participated in the Waterway Duals in Oxford for Springfield A.A. Joe Scarrinno from Springfield A.A. stated that all three wrestled very tough in a very hard, talent-filled tournament, and they helped Springfield take second place out of this eight-team tournament.

Anthony Logurito 4-0
Shane Benedict 2-2
Johnny Haley 2-2


Congratulations to our Raider Alumni

Congratulations to all our Raider Wrestling Alumni that placed in the PIAA Sectionals this past weekend.

PIAA District 1 @ Haverford HS
Mike Wallace - Upper Darby HS = 1st Place
Joe Carney - Upper Darby HS = 1st Place
Phil Kitain - Upper Darby HS = 2nd Place
Ryan Rigney - Upper Darby HS = 3rd Place

PIAA District 12 @ LaSalle
Nicky Bongard - Monsignor Bonner = 1st Place
Joe Spaeder - Monsignor Bonner = 3rd Place
Tommy Flynn - Monsignor Bonner = 4th Place
Nick Maiale - Monsignor Bonner = 4th Place

Best of luck to all for the remainder of the PIAA tournament!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Keeping your child healthy

Parents, remember that personal hygiene for athletes is essential to preventing infection, so please make sure you stay vigilant when it comes to your child's health during the wrestling season. Make sure that your child showers right after wrestling practice or meets using soap and water and check their skin on a regular basis for anything out of the ordinary. More information on preventing skin infections in athletes can be found at this Pennsylvania Department of Health link.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NFL Players who Wrestled

Check out this link that lists National Football League players with wrestling backgrounds. Click Here.