Monday, March 9, 2009

Drexel Hill Raiders Tournament

I just wanted to thank everyone that helped out this past weekend with our DH Raiders tournament.  It would be impossible to list everyone, but there is one Raider parent that does so much for our wrestling club that deserves special recognition and I challenge anyone to disagree with me.  Karolyn Souders, thank you for all your hard work and dedication this whole wrestling season.  Without your efforts our snack bar during the regular season and during the tournament would never have happened, which would have resulted in us depleting our funds to pay for the referees each week.  I personally never realized how hard you work at this until I got involved with this tournament.  You and your snack bar crew did a fantastic job yesterday!

A big Thank-You also goes out to all of our Raiders coaches, some who do not have sons wrestling but always give up their valuable time with practices during the week and tournaments on the weekend.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that without them our sons would never have grown as wrestlers.  I personally can say that it's because of these guys that my Thomas has improved as a wrestler each and every year. 

And lastly, congratulations to all 32 Drexel Hill Raider wrestlers that participated in our event.   Each and everyone of them worked hard and left it all on the mat at the end of each match yesterday.  A special congratulations goes out to the following DH Raiders that placed:

Jack Mason = 1st Place
Alex Sirico = 2nd Place
Max Livingston = 2nd Place
Richie Souders = 2nd Place
Colin Cronin = 2nd Place
Nicholas Maribito = 3rd Place
Ryan Meehan = 3rd Place
Andrew Ortlieb = 3rd Place
Matt Carney = 3rd Place
Mike Kitain = 3rd Place
Kevin Kerwood = 4th Place
Johnny Hally = 4th Place
Matt Wilkerson = 4th Place
Ramon O'Brien = 4th Place
Jake Petransky = 4th Place

I will have a list of all the final results of the tournament in the near future, or you can just go to the Pa Youth Wrestling website ( and see the resultes today.  Best of luck to all Raider wrestlers that will be moving on and participating in the upcoming MAWA and PJW Championships!